Who am I?

I decided to write this blog because I’ve lived in Seattle pretty much my entire life and have been dating men in this city since 2005, essentially when I came out.  Not much has changed since then

Most of my professional career has been in HR/Recruiting where it’s been my business to get to know people as well as what makes them tick.


Why the title MyBoyfriendWearsFlannel.com?

Whether it’s talking with buddies on the soccer pitch or spotting me in the weight room, to the guys I meet at the bars and social events around town, one thing that has been consistent is the goal of having a boyfriend/partner in their lives.  I wanted to allude to the idea that most of us, though not all, desire to be in some relationship and to find this ‘elusive’ boyfriend.

Wearing Flannel to me conjures up images of the Northwest – Seattle to Portland (maybe even Vancouver B.C.) of men who are a little more rugged, brawny, and to an extent not a part of ‘mainstream’ gay society as Hollywood media would characterize a typical gay couple… maybe even a little hipster.


Why should I care?

I’ve had so many friends come to me with their stories about dating in Seattle and how hard it is for gay men to date other gay men that I decided to begin documenting their experiences.  It’s been my observation that most of what my guy friends are telling me really isn’t that uncommon, even though their horrible dates and challenging online experiences do have bits and pieces of strangeness that even I couldn’t have made up.  Especially in Seattle, where being passive-aggressive is a social norm, is it any wonder that we can’t wait to just blurt it all out?


Why did I create this blog?

What I want to do here is to share their stories with you, the drama of the gay dating scene in Seattle and examine the little thoughts going on in our head that we often take for granted.  My hope is that you’ll find that you are not alone in your dating experiences and that you come away with a bit of inspiration, a little chuckle here and there and perhaps just a greater sense of how much more in common you have with the other frustrated gay men in this city who are looking for sex, love and everything in between.

One thought on “About

  1. Max
    August 20, 2013 at 1:49 PM

    What? This sounded like a great site: free great advice for dating in the good ‘ole PAC NW.

    But, then I think,”Wait! What if I’m to date a friend of yours and become the story?”

    Oy! The joys of relationship hunting.

    I’m excited to dig into the site.

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